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Medication Administration Classes

Certification 1 — Medication Administration and Health Related Activities

Number of training hours: 14 (two days)

This training covers how to prepare, administer, and document procedures when administering prescribed medication. Participants will be able to perform and document various health-related activities. In addition, instructors will explain how the rules and regulations governing the administration of medications and the performance of health-related activities apply to their caregiving activities. Finally, class participants will learn what action to take when signs and symptoms may indicate a significant health problem or medication side effect.

Certification 2 — Administration of Medication and Feeding Tube via G-tube or J-tube

Number of training hours: 4 hours

Class covers the various kinds of internal feeding tubes and their components, the internal and external placement of internal feeding tubes, the differences between G and J tubes, how to respond to common complications and emergency situations, and the daily maintenance checklist for internal feeding tubes. Participants will demonstrate the techniques for administering formula and medication.

Certification 3 – Insulin Administration

Number of training hours: 4 hours

Our Insulin Class is offered by request only. Our instructor covers Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus, potential signs, symptoms, and treatments of diabetes mellitus, the importance of diet, exercise, and foot care, potential complications of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, the methods for infection control, disposal of sharps, and documentation of insulin administration. Participants will demonstrate the correct use of a Glucometer.

*We also offer renewal classes. Renewal certificates training is 2 hours. Skills check will follow the training.

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Medication Administration Class Policies

  • Classes are taught by experienced and certified trainers in a neutral training site
  • Each class is taught using varying modalities, including lecture, role play, small group discussion, and demonstration.
  • Classes start on time. Anyone arriving 15 minutes late into the class will be considered a no-show* and will not be permitted to complete the class.
  • No-shows will be charged the regular rate of attendance.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of each class.
  • No cell phone use will be permitted in the training room.
  • Conversations regarding specific company information or individuals will be discouraged.

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