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6 Common 24 Hr Care Myths

When it comes to 24 hr home care, several myths have been circulating, and today, we are here to bust those myths. 

Myth #1: 24 Hr Care Is Too Expensive

Many believe that this type of care is out of reach because it is just too expensive. In reality, home care is actually a much more affordable option than assisted living or a skilled nursing facility. 

With 24 hr care services, the goal is to keep your loved ones independent and safe in their own home. Assisted living facilities often prove to be much more of a financial burden for families and limit the senior’s independence.

Myth#2: Does Not Provide High-Quality Care

Some believe that these caregivers don’t care and, as a result, don’t provide the high-quality care your loved ones deserve. This is not true. 

Caregivers are typically naturally compassionate people, and like any other relationship, it takes time to build the bond between the caregiver and client. Choosing 24 hr care over using family members as caregivers can prove to be a higher level of care because of the caregiver’s expertise. 

Myth #3: All Services Are the Same and Not Tailored to the Individual

It may be more difficult to find services tailored to the individual in an assisted living facility when several residents are being cared for. However, when you choose 24 hr care services, you have a caregiver who is specifically caring for your loved one, meaning that their care can be tailored to the individual. 

Myth #4: 24 Hr Care Is Only for Sick Seniors

This also isn’t always true. Home care can prove to be beneficial for those who need assistance with their everyday activities. In other cases, this type of care is also beneficial for those younger people who may be recovering after surgery or are living with a chronic illness. 

In-home caregivers can provide two types of care: medical home care and non-medical home care. Under medical home care, the caregiver can assist seniors who require medical services like physical therapy, speech therapy, mobility training, and even pain management. 

Under non-medical care, a caregiver can provide companionship and help with daily activities and errands such as grocery shopping and chores around the home. 

Myth #5: 24 Hr Care Is Not Suitable for Long Term Needs

Another common myth is that 24 hr care is not suitable for those who have long-term health needs. Again, this is not true. While many people look at this type of care as a temporary situation, it is not. It can also be a more permanent solution. You just have to find the right caregiver to provide your loved ones with the quality of services they need. 

Myth #6: We Don’t Need a Caregiver Since We Have Family

If you have ever taken on the role of caregiver for a loved one, then you know how hard this job can be. Just because someone hires a caregiver doesn’t mean they have given up on taking care of their loved ones themselves. Rather, they are finding them the high-quality care they need. It also helps the family from becoming overworked, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

When family members begin feeling overwhelmed and stressed, the quality of care they provide their loved ones becomes less. To keep the home healthy and safe, an experienced caregiver for 24 hr care is recommended as they are trained for many different situations and can offer the family a much-needed break. 

As you can see, many myths are floating around about 24 hr care that we felt needed to be debunked. We hope this helps as you search for the best in-home care for your loved ones.

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